Logo y Papeleria 2.6-02

The foundation Salva Terra allows itself to support farmers – small agricultural producers – and rural and urban entrepreneurs of different departments, with the aim to deepen their knowledge, and to strengthen their processes and productive capacity, by setting in motion good agricultural practices, in farming and well as in the transformation processes of the products, and by giving their products an added value. With this support we aim to promote making good use of the land as larger extension means greater productive opportunities. Furthermore, we aim to provide people with the skills that enable them to reveal and visualize their ideas.

The implementation of the communities’ vegetable gardens in the mineralized organic agriculture and which represents the recovery of the soil via the intervention that was realized in each production, the productive support, and the approach of certification in good agricultural practices and other organic certifications. The implementation of bio-factories, areas of seedlings, postharvest, solid, urban, and harvest waste management. All of this is accompanied by professionals of the social, nutritional, and marketing area with the aim to capacitate the population, not only in the productive aspect but also regarding the development of the human being.

Likewise, we provide people of the different sectors in which we intervene with employment opportunities as we refer to the same region when looking for human talent that fulfills the requirements of our different projects.

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