Logo y Papeleria 2.6-02

In Salva Terra, we unite concepts such as social impact, sustainable development, and protection of the environment by implementing organic mineralized vegetable gardens; thereby, we contribute to the population’s food security.


As a foundation we work with and for the communities, generating benefits through the self-consumption of organic food that is produced, in addition to the gradual economic benefits that are generated through the sale of production surpluses.

Furthermore, we encourage the community to make good use of organic waste, which is generated in the housing, to create their own supplies and of the recyclable material for the construction of vertical vegetable gardens (as institution we are currently working with systems biointensive in wood-plastic).

All of the above is connected by a component which is crucial for the foundation, namely education, as it permits to provide knowledge, and thereby, to capacitate the person. This is and will continue to be part of our philosophy.

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