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About the foundation Salva Terra

The foundation Salva Terra is a non-profit organization with the objective to manage, formulate, execute, and evaluate agricultural productive projects that protect the environment and are oriented towards the sustainable development of the territories within the framework of the human rights. All this is happening in association with public and private entities, as well as the solidarity sector of Colombia and other countries.

The experience of the foundation Salva Terra has focused on the work with vulnerable and fringe communities through sustainable agriculture. This approach aims to promote people’s vocation as a farmer and to develop the community’s skills to work in the agricultural industry in a responsible and ecological manner.

The application of organic mineralized agricultural techniques expressed in the form of family and community gardens permits to supplement the basket of those families of the community who participate in the processes, facilitating their access to fresh and nutritious food like vegetables, fruit, and tubers free of agrichemicals, as an alternative that contributes significantly to food security. In the same way, we incentivize the communities to develop competencies regarding sustainability such as the use of organic waste to produce fertilizer (vermicompost, biodigester, microorganisms), the separation and correct disposal of solid waste, the protection of natural resources, and the consumption of local products.

Bringing knowledge to the territories in which we are involved, enables their growth and development as we don’t only concentrate on the productive aspect but also on the development of the human being, encouraging the identification of the individual’s abilities, as well as promoting the relationships between the participants in order to strengthen the collective.


Why Salva Terra exists

The foundation Salva Terra was created as a dream of its founders to transmit their knowledge they obtained at the University EARTH to their country. Implementing this idea was not an easy process since creating a business is not an easy challenge to face, but its founders were lucky to get support of the foundation Rodrigo Arroyave, which accompanied Salva Terra during its establishment process as a foundation. In the course of time, and more specifically in 2011, this dream came true, by being given the opportunity to participate in different projects which allowed the foundation to acquire experience, knowledge, tools and techniques that favor the communities, in which we intervene, directly.

Our purpose is the comprehensive support of the different communities, in which we intervene, focused on the development of rural and urban productive systems that contribute to the creation of social, nutritional, agricultural, environmental, and economic projects in each community and territory.

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