To coordinate efforts, resources and knowledge in the establishment and maintenance of a community garden within the municipality of Ciénaga de Oro – Córdoba, in order to contribute to: the promotion of development and the local economy, the promotion of food security and the incorporation of good socio-environmental practices.


  • Productive component : Generate food of high nutritional quality that meet specific vitamin and mineral needs for self-sufficiency and commercial chains, including the access to sales force technology tools.
  • Social component : Create a meeting and training space, aimed at providing the people and communities with knowledge and skills originating in a knowledge-based dialogue in which we reinforce aspects such as: Leadership, motivation, autonomy, participation and social organization, teamwork, communication skills, affiliation, directly strengthening social fabric, and promoting social development.
  • Technical component : Support in the technical work of cultivation with the aim of providing the communities with knowledge and expertise.
  • Environmental component : The project will also be an environmentally friendly production option (environmental responsibility) and will focus on promoting the use of recycled materials (vegetable waste from the area). Therefore, it will be an opportunity for the beneficiary population to make use of tools for food self-sufficiency, enabling the population’s direct access to food with high nutritional value which favors the inhabitant’s health and nutrition, and promoting the environmental awareness of both the directly and indirectly benefitted population.