To accompany the leading waste collection organization (public utility unit), adapted to manage organic and inorganic waste generated in the municipality of Vigía del Fuerte with the support of the communities that will benefit from this process.



  • Theoretical – practical workshops aimed at collection leaders, family fathers, teachers and students and used to reinforce knowledge of waste management, organic production, food security, administration and logistics of the recycling plant.
  • Accompanied training , as an approach to Decree 596, on “tariff methodology for harvesting activities”, adopted by the CRA (Commission for Regulation and Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation).
  • Workshops on food security to promote the consumption of regional produced food and addressed to the communities that have access to food production in their own gardens or community gardens, strengthening food security in the consumer dimension and raising awareness of the importance of its consumption for the promotion of health and the prevention of illness.
  • Workshops on and accompaniment on the transformation of organic waste and the construction of biofactories and compost cells.
  • Sports activities dealing with the proper management of solid waste, aimed at recycling and linked with Corpourabá.
  • Door-to-door visits to strengthen rural development, waste management, and food security activities.
  • Visit 3 suitable zones for solid waste and recycling practices.
  • Neighborhood actions to clean up the communal environment of the municipality of Vigía del Fuerte in order to raise awareness and guide management.