To unite efforts for the coordination of resources and knowledge between the Parque Arví Corporation and the Salva Terra foundation, with the aim of fostering the maintenance of mineralized agroecological gardens. This, accompanied by agroecological actions of which should contribute to the promotion of local development and the promotion of good socio-environmental practices within communes 1, 3 and 8 in Medellín, Colombia.


  • One agricultural engineer and agricultural technologist will visit the communities. These visits will be at different times, and the engineer, together with the technologist, will conduct activities that support the production.
  • To provide support to participants in the production processes of the vegetable gardens located in Medellín’s communes 1, 3, and 8, in order to reinforce previously acquired knowledge such as: production, plague and disease management, bio-input production, waste management, production registration and water management.