To contribute to the improvement of food security for the student population of the rural educational centers (CER). This would be supported by the Fundación Fraternidad of Medellín, by maintaining organically mineralized agricultural gardens, which would enable an increase in the availability and the consumption of fruits, tubers, roots, and vegetables.


  • One full-time agricultural engineer and agricultural technologist supporting the re-mineralization processes.
  • One nutritional professional who will act as a partner in the process and assist with school visits. These visits will be at different times and consist of two-hour sessions. Agricultural professionals will train the teacher(s), group of family fathers, and students with higher academic performance who want to get involved in the process of mineralized organic agriculture and waste management.
  • Theoretical-practical workshops for family fathers, teachers, and students on : organic production, food security, plot administration and logistics, as well as waste management.
  • Workshops on nutrition to promote the consumption of organically produced food, aimed at the Rural Educational Centers’ teachers and students and embedded within the national strategy of ‘healthy school’.
  • The strengthening of food security in the consumer dimension will be an area of focus as well as raising awareness of the importance of sustainable consumption for the promotion of health and prevention of illness.
  • Workshop on : the biological transformation, conservation, and use of organically produced food, which will be aimed at food handlers, reinforcing the aspect of food security.


We have a presence in the following municipalities : San Rafael, San Carlos, Titiribí, Támesis, El Peñol, Granada, El Retiro, Jericó, Andes, Ciudad Bolívar, Tarso, El Santuario, Carmen de Vivoral and Vigía del Fuerte.